boardso I don’t hear from Nixxon? all week? and I have to take the Jitney? and Jocelynn? gets on and sits right beside me? with her stupid dog? and I am all like Hi Jocelynn? and she is all like actually? it’s Jostlin? I wish you would all pronounce it properly? and then she starts into how Ariel? that’s the dog’s freaking name??? has been doing at doggie martial arts? and then I get half an hour? of deworming stories? and we still aren’t even out of the midtown tunnel? and then she tells? me how hard it was to find fresh talapia? and tamarind paste? for the dog’s dinner? so I kind of zone out? and start counting shoe designers? in my head? and the dog? keeps making these weird puking noises? and eventually it’s over? and I get off and go straight to Riggers? but it is completely closed? with an Under New Management sign? on the door? so I go to the house? and Nixxon and Walden? are on the deck? and stop talking as soon as I walk out? and Nixxon’s hair? looks like the guy? from Back to the Future? and Crescent? and Brandon? are on dinner prep? and they are inhaling gin and tonics? and McKinley? comes back from her run? and is all how she just loves her Modiggliani? yoga pants? and how great they make her ass look? and then she drops her smoothie? and this green goop? is all over Crescent’s legs? and Crescent? just drops the chopping board in the sink? and says? $300 dollars for those pants?  for that kind of money? I’d at least expect them to stop you? being so totally annoying? and McKinley? just kind of stares at her? and goes well at least I went to a REAL business school? and Crescent? flings the chopping board? and it hits the screen door? and then Crescent throws up in the sink? and McKinley runs out to the deck? and Jostlin? is all? does anybody need the chopping board? I need to mince some ginger? for Ariel’s din dins? and Brandon? walks past me muttering? I will grill that dog before the summer is out? so we all go to Mizzen 380? and get a pitcher of Carpathian Mules and four buckets of Scurvy Wings for dinner? and then two more pitchers? and then the twerking starts?