The Definitive Indefinite Article’s Institute for Applied Plutocracy is delighted to announce the launch of the Archive of Acronyms, Appellations and Aphorisms for our Troubled Age.


We invite our loyal readers to submit their own for inclusion which will be reviewed for inclusion on a going-forward ongoing monthly basis by our Steering Committee.




TARP  Tremendous Assets for Reprobate Plutocrats

AIG  America’s Insolvent Giant

SEC  Succor Every Charlatan

CHARTIS Cunning How Aig Reinvents and Tarts Itself Shamelessly






If medicine was a science in the same way that economics is, we would still be treating stroke victims with leeches.


Electricity is like sausages: you would be disgusted to see how it gets made.




4 Responses to “Acronyms, Appellations and Aphorisms for our Troubled Age”

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    1. El Quebin Says:

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