This is the place where shameless self-promotion should happen.  It will when I get around to it. El Quebin is a nickname bestowed by children on the co-founder of the Indefinite Article during his time in Spain teaching English as a foreign languish.  That and a fake leather belt are two things he still has from that time.


2 Responses to “What’s all This?”

  1. Lug Says:

    I have an unused ticket from a Blue in Heaven gig in the SFX. I also have half a drumstick from Wayne of Cactus World News from, curiously enough, the same venue. Is this a record?

    1. El Quebin Says:

      Esteemed Lug: Thank you for your interest in The Definitive Indefinite Article. Your comment has been forwarded to our Reader Cultivation Department and you should receive an hand-tooled postcard in 4 to 6 weeks.

      Thank you.
      The Management

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