Dream Job

 In the spirit of synergy and do-more-dynamically-with-dramatically less the Cliff Experience Reception Experience will be (I am informed) synergizing and dovetailing with some other Definitive Indefinite Article properties.  Sure it is like one of those media mergers here.  I can’t keep track of it at all!

 Anyway, apparently I am getting an intern, which is just as well cos no one seems to want the fecking job.  Seems there is a Free-Intern-Included thing with the solar panels I got a while back.  (Shoulda known there’d be a catch!) Some young wan or young fellah called Cidney.  Coming all the way over from America it seems to do an internship in Public Relations with the Cliff Experience Reception Experience.  I just googled Cidney on Ambrose’s phone and it seems she is a young wan who used to be in some blog folleyer upper or something called the Hamptons Houseshare Hell.  I can’t imagine what she would want to be doing away out here handing out flyers for dolphins on an unpaid internship of the summer.  I don’t know how this is going to turn out but she is supposed to be here this weekend.  I suppose she can doss down in one of the unfinished holiday homes with Ambrose for the time being.

The Cliff Experience Reception Experience (Disruptive Innovation in the Prefab Hut Space)


We are delighted to announce that we have a new friend.

The Skeptical Reader:  Is this like a real person?

TDIA: No, we found her on the internet.

The Skeptical Reader: I see.  And you call this a life?

TDIA: No. I don’t think I ever called it a life.

The Skeptical Reader: Fair point.  So, who is this new friend of yours?

TDIA: http://onfailingupwards.blogspot.com/

The Skeptical Reader:  And what’s that all about?

TDIA: Idiots and morons who succeed because of their stupidty.  We shall be adding it to our blogroll.  

The Skeptical Reader:  And those are the kind of people you want for imaginary friends then?

TDIA: Is that your Lexus that they are towing from outside my house?

The Skeptical Reader: Bastard!