The Casual Reader:  What the hell happened here?   

The Earnest Reader: You mean the wall paper?

The Casual Reader: I mean the whole set-up!  The tiny font; the un lugar de La Mancha picture.

The Earnest Reader: Well, some consultants came to the door yesterday…

The Casual Reader:  You mean marketing consultants?

The Earnest Reader: [Defensively]Ehm, yeah.

The Casual Reader:  And they told you you needed to rebrand and reposition while himself was up a mountan trying to be a monk?

The Earnest Reader:  Uhm, yeah.

The Casual Reader: It’s really none of my business but, have your EVER heard of a marketing/ branding/positioning consultant, come to a place, look at it and say: “You know what?  Your last consultant really got it right.  You don’t need to change anything.  I’d just be taking your money for nothing.”  

The Earnest Reader:  Eh, no I haven’t actually.

The Casual Reader: THAT’S BECAUSE IT NEVER HAPPENS! It’s like someone saying a “ballet of clusterfucks” – it simply doesn’t work that way!

The Earnest Reader:  Ah, I see your point.  So I should….

The Casual Reader: Nah, leave it alone.  Who’s going to notice?  Certainly not himself, all pissed out of his head on Spanish brandy way up a mountain.  Maybe it’s good to change things once in a while.  Just think-  wouldn’t it be nice to see the Eurovision Song Contest without a single spandex biniki once in a while?

The Earnest Reader: I have no idea what you are talking about.

The Casual Reader: Enjoy the new wall paper.