Dream Job

 Quiet enough today all the same.  Bit of a mist.  Bus of Austrians and a couple of families from Kells who were really looking for some ring fort but paid in anyway.  Boss Shanahan came over in the afternoon looking all pleased with himself.

“Any luck finding a “smart youth to hand out your flyers?” says he.

“No,” says I.

“Not surprised,” says he, “sure your ad is shite.  You don’t know the first thing about positioning.  I rewrote it for you.”

He hands me this yoke:


Looking for an exciting launching point into a fulfilling career on the cutting edge of the burgeoning hospitality industry?  Ready to join our dynamic public engagement Ichthyological team?  We need a highly-motivated, platform agnostic, enthusiastic, agile and mobile team member to onboard ASAP!  Email us at corporatereceptionheadhunters@receptionexperience.net.  Due to the large volume of requests received only successful candidates will be contacted.

“Put that up now in the Eurospar and see what happens,” says he and off with him back down the hill.  His young fellah Turlough is doing an MBA in Limerick so now Boss thinks he’s some kind of business guru.

The Cliff Experience Reception Experience (Disruptive Innovation in the Prefab Hut Space)


e-coladaSo the new guy? Stansted? who was here the last 3 weekends? but no one noticed? cos he was on the roof? pretanning? starts flirting with Cidney? at the beach? and no one has the energy to stop him? and a plane goes by? with one of those banners? grand reopening party? Riggerz tonight? special FREE cocktails? and I am all like RiggerZ?? Walden says it’s like rebranding? like when AIG? was Chartis for a while? and McKinley says she won’t go? cos there could still be e-coli on the furniture? and so she goes to Mizzen 380? and Jostlin stays home to play Uno or something with her dog? and  we go to Riggerz? and they have those huge lights outside? and it is a total scene? and they are handing out these big test tubes? of frozen e-coladas? to celebrate the reopening? and that witch Ameey? from work is there? drinking champagne with her lacrosse friends? cos the reorg? just made her Senior Director of Integrated Positioning Enhancement? and Nixxon? is all like happy Jennifer Aniston doll? with her new keratin hair? and has an e-colada in each hand? and and she is all like? these are SO WEAK? and then goes off to look for Vee One One tat sisters? who have VII tats like hers? and on Sunday? we are all completely wrecked? and Madison’s cousin? Elrond? or something? was out on the deck all night? making words out of tiny shells? and says it is a bit of some book? and he’s going to take a picture of it? for some thing on Tuesday? cos that is Bloomsday? and I am like whatever? and then there is this weird scraping sound? and Nixxon rolls off the roof? where she must have fallen asleep? and completely wrecks Elrond’s shells? and he is all like? that took me five hours? and Nixxon is all like I think I broke something? and Cidney comes out to the deck? to break up with Stansted? by text? and he is in the kitchen watching her? and I just can’t?