Innovationize or fossilicate!

Innovationize or fossilicate!

Our roving reporters send back their findings from workplaces across the world.  Today’s specimen.  when needs agrement when you can…

It is great to see that we are all in agreeance on this question.


The Earnest Reader: For those of you out there wondering: “Whyfore the long silence on this site?” I am here to tell you that the Proprietor has taken himself up a mountain in Donegal and is trying to be a Monk under the tutelage of a mystic from Albuquerque.  So it falls to me to keep this blog going.


The Apostate Reader: What about me?


The Curious Reader:  And me?


The Earnest Reader: You will all get your turn but for now I am launching The Definitive Indefinite Article’s Interactive Educational Portal.  To wit: we all know the collective nouns, gaggle of geese, herd of antelope, murder of crows, but what, dear public, is the collective noun for clusterfucks?  Answers below please.