Disruptive Innovation in the pre-fab hut space

Dream JobWarm enough today now all the same.  Quiet though but sure that’s to be expected now that the tourist season is over.  Still and all had a minibus full of water polo players from Bremen on Monday.  Spoke very good English but did not like the Kit Kats at all, said they were stale.  I tried one myself and they were right but I didn’t let on.  I’ll have to get onto Paschal at the Co-op about that.  They were desperate to try crubeens but I had to tell them I had none in the snack bar

Ambrose is back from America.  Went over to visit Cidney for a few weeks in the Hamptons and sure doesn’t he arrive back with her in tow.  I have no idea what is going on.  She barely said two words to me.  The pair of them are holed up below in the unfinished holiday home.  No idea what the plan is and he bites my head off every time I ask.

Still things will be quiet enough now til the Crow Impersonating Festival in October.

IMG_1548.JPGhad a few inquiries from readers about my solutionizing of the television problem in the holiday home down below so here is the proof of my ingenuity.  Ambrose says he has no idea what I did and it is a miracle I didn’t burn the house down.  I remarked that maybe the next time one of the tellys in one of the holidays homes gets banjaxed, maybe he won’t be off gallivanting in America and he can fix it himself so there will be no problem.  I am not sure if he is talking to me now.



Dream Job Quiet enough now today all the same.  Terrible close.  I probably didn’t need the tweed jacket and the geansai.  Minibus full of of throat singers in from Thurles after lunch on Monday.  Ate me out of house and home and finished off the pound cake.  I’ll have to do a big shop at the co-op.

I have a two young couples from Dublin staying down below in the holiday home for a fortnight  The rang that the telly was on the blink and wouldn’t play DVDs so I went over to fix it. I unplugged it all and plugged it back in and the damn thing wouldn’t work at all then.  And Ambrose away all this week!  So, now the little black and white from the bedroom is on top of the telly and plugged into the satellite and that seems to be sort of working.  No idea how Ambrose set the fecking thing up at all!

Anyway they seemed like a nice enough crowd until they started in asking for a second sponge for the sink.  I told them in no uncertain terms: one sponge and one J-cloth.  Just to keep things civilized.  The last time I left out two sponges we had terrible trouble – ended up with a commune of tantric psychedelia for two months – all sorts of going on and the lot of them wandering around naked at all hours with the curtains wide open.  Couldn’t be giving them a second sponge, would leads to all sorts of trouble.  One sponge and one J-cloth should be enough for anyone.  Any more just leads to all sorts of perversions.

Dream Job

Quiet enough few days all the same.  Busload of banjo players from Stockholm on Tuesday and every single one of them in the shop looking for Hula Hoops and Ribera.  Have ye never heard of Kit Kats, says I.  Stared at me like I had two heads.  Strangest thing.  Some fellah from Cape Town drove up on Thursday and wanted to shoot a movie about Cornish mobsters in exchange for backend action figure sales or something.  I told he’d have to write to the Arts Council.  That softened his cough for him!  Got a Cease and Desist letter that afternoon from some manufacturing crowd in Sweden called Ĥoøldgründgren Hüuts telling me I can’t use the “Disruptive Innovation in the pre-fab hut space” tag any more, that it’s theirs.  I talked to Tony Squires in town and he says they are chancing their arm and to not even reply.  He said his niece in Sligo bought one of their ready-to-assemble huts to keep the lawn mower in and the thing rotted away into blue goop after two months.  She wrote to them for a refund and they told her she should have bought the Roøtprøøffïng Kïð and the guarantee was voided.

Dream JobQuiet enough today, all the same.  Two Yanks in a puce-coloured Range Rover looking for Zero Zero L.A.  What? says I.  ZERO ZERO L A says the wife all slow and loud like I’m dense.  Then the husband repeats it.  (They both keep calling each other Whitney for some reason.)  Show it to me on the map, says I.  Of course they have no map and he hands me a phone the size of a portable telly with a map up on it.  There! says he.  Oola? says I.  You want to go to Oola?  Well you’re way off the mark.  How did you end up here?  We were following the GPS, says she.  That’s do it, says I.  Anyway I put them on the right road.

The young fellah of the Deasys came out in the afternoon to take a look at the septic tank.  Told me he’d just been in the Canaries on holidays.  Couldn’t get over how few canaries there were.  Never candidates for the astrophysics the Deasys.  Nice people though.

Dream Job

Quiet enough over the weekend all the same now, mind you. A couple of Moroccan birdwatchers on bikes and a busload of camogie players from Crossmaglen again curiously enough. I never thought of Crossmaglen as a camogie kind of town.  Nice bunch and it looks like they left a six pack of toilet tolls in the Ladies though one of the did write Up Tipp on the back on one of the doors.  I’ll get Ambrose to clean that when he gets back from Lourdes.

New fellah from the coop delivered the kit kats and left them at the door sitting in the sun so I have to discount them.  Feckin eejit!  Con Tim Pat Sullivan from out the road dropped in and asked me if he could count on my vote for county council.  Started his own party he has: The Ogham Party.  Has little badges and all. Got them made on rhe internet. Sure I might start me own party says I.  He laughed but I don’t think he saw the humour of it.  Apparently he is running on rhe pothole issue: he wants to install new ones cos the tourists are driving too fast and missing the natural beauty. More like missing the sign for his pick your own strawberries ripoff.  Of course I said nothing.  He’d never forgive me.  Always great ones for a grudge, them same Sullivans from out the road.

Dream Job

 In the spirit of synergy and do-more-dynamically-with-dramatically less the Cliff Experience Reception Experience will be (I am informed) synergizing and dovetailing with some other Definitive Indefinite Article properties.  Sure it is like one of those media mergers here.  I can’t keep track of it at all!

 Anyway, apparently I am getting an intern, which is just as well cos no one seems to want the fecking job.  Seems there is a Free-Intern-Included thing with the solar panels I got a while back.  (Shoulda known there’d be a catch!) Some young wan or young fellah called Cidney.  Coming all the way over from America it seems to do an internship in Public Relations with the Cliff Experience Reception Experience.  I just googled Cidney on Ambrose’s phone and it seems she is a young wan who used to be in some blog folleyer upper or something called the Hamptons Houseshare Hell.  I can’t imagine what she would want to be doing away out here handing out flyers for dolphins on an unpaid internship of the summer.  I don’t know how this is going to turn out but she is supposed to be here this weekend.  I suppose she can doss down in one of the unfinished holiday homes with Ambrose for the time being.

The Cliff Experience Reception Experience (Disruptive Innovation in the Prefab Hut Space)

Dream Job

Fourteen!  14!  Fourteen feckin applicants I had up at the hut yesterday  for the job handing out the flyers for the Dolphins.  They’d all seen Boss Shanahan’s version of the ad .  Apparently it is all over the internet.  One young wan came all the way from Monasterevin.  All sorts of degrees and diplomas and masters and choir competencies or something,  the lot of them.  I couldn’t understand half of what they were saying to me.  When I googled some of the stuff I remembered this is what came up:

So, needless to say, I am none the wiser for that and still have no one to hand out the flyers so I hung them on a hook beside the cakes in the tea shop and maybe people will take them.  I put them outside the toilets at first thinking that way everyone would see them but I think some people thought that was the toilet paper cos we had awful cloggage from them.

The Cliff Experience Reception Experience (Disruptive Innovation in the Prefab Hut Space)

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