July 2017

Dream Job

Quiet enough over the weekend all the same now, mind you. A couple of Moroccan birdwatchers on bikes and a busload of camogie players from Crossmaglen again curiously enough. I never thought of Crossmaglen as a camogie kind of town.  Nice bunch and it looks like they left a six pack of toilet tolls in the Ladies though one of the did write Up Tipp on the back on one of the doors.  I’ll get Ambrose to clean that when he gets back from Lourdes.

New fellah from the coop delivered the kit kats and left them at the door sitting in the sun so I have to discount them.  Feckin eejit!  Con Tim Pat Sullivan from out the road dropped in and asked me if he could count on my vote for county council.  Started his own party he has: The Ogham Party.  Has little badges and all. Got them made on the internet. Sure I might start me own party says I.  He laughed but I don’t think he saw the humour of it.  Apparently he is running on the pothole issue: he wants to install new ones cos the tourists are driving too fast and missing the natural beauty. More like missing the sign for his pick your own strawberries ripoff.  Of course I said nothing.  He’d never forgive me.  Always great ones for a grudge, them same Sullivans from out the road.


Dream Job

 would you look at that!  Amazing how time flies.  Sorry I have been out of touch this last while.  Me phone broke and I had to get one of them new smart phones, guthán phóca cliste, as Gabriel calls them.  Anyway sure I did and Ambrose helps me put Facebook on it and sure haven’t I spent the last ten months on it doing nothing else.  Anyway so finally caught up reading all the Roddy Doyle posts about the two gougers in Dublin so I’m back. Quiet enough now mind you today.   A couple from New Zealand in a rented car that looked like it had the worse of a close encounter with a stone wall: they were lost and looking for Sneem.  Then we had a busload of rugby players from Crossmaglen who ate every Kit Kat in the place and stole all the toilet paper from the Mens.  I’ll have to go to Lidl for more tomorrow.  Can’t go today cos I rode the bike here.  I’ll get more Kit Kats while I’m at it.