Dream Job

Quiet enough now today.  Some Danish fellah got his motorbike stuck in the cow gate somehow.  Cross as two sticks he was.

Do you know what I’m only after discovering?  The whole summer I was taking pictures and writing posts about Cidney and Ambrose and the Comiskeys back from Australia for their holidays and all Cidney’s friends in their house share in the Hamptons  and all that and I was saving them all in the drafts folder and no one ever saw them?   Isn’t that gas all the same?  maybe I’ll make an album of the photos.  They have that yoke that does it at the Euro Spar in town.  Make a lovely souvenir for Cidney so it would.  Ambrose could post it to her.  Besotted so he is, the poor unfortunate little gobshite.

The Cliff Experience Reception Experience (Disruptive Innovation in the Prefab Hut Space)