Dream Job

 Quiet enough today all the same.  Still have no one to hand out the flyers for the dolphin spotting.  Put another ad up in the Eurospar and one in Kilminihan’s.  In orange letters and all!  They’re either too out of their heads to see it or too lazy to want the job.

Bright, neat, mannerly youth wanted to hand out flyers for dolphin spotting.  Apply in person to the Cliff Experience Reception Experience Head Office at the far end of the parking lot.    Must have own bicycle.  Access to own photocopier preferred.  No time-wasters, hipsters, teddy-boys, gougers, corner-boys, yobbos, punks, hippies, goths or skinheads need apply!

Personally I have nothing against hippies but Peadar said I should put them in too otherwise it would look like discriminating.

The Cliff Experience Reception Experience (Disruptive Innovation in the Prefab Hut Space)