grillSo Cidney? is getting collection calls? from her credit card company? all weekend? and is all like? I dunno just like every time I get upset? I go and buy a new mattress? and we find a flyer? from RiggerZ DeliverZ? and order a jeroboam of e-coladas? and Jostlin? tells us she is working on kids book? called Even Presidents Poop? and she is writing to all living presidents? and world leaders? asking them for potty stories? and my mom texts me? asking for $8,000? to buy a Zoomba franchise? with her writing instructor? in Sitges?  and Campbell texts me? asking who the hell Sherwood is?  and McKinley? brings her cousin? Hester? who picks a fight with Madison over the correct usage of literally? and Walden? tries to dry out some fireworks on the grill? and totally destroys it? and then the rain clears? and we order two barrels of Independence Whig Wings? and another jeroboam of e-coladas from Riggerz DeliverZ?