poollike on Saturday? it just rains? and rains? and we are stuck in the house? and McKinley?disconnects the gas from the grill? and says we all have to eat paleo? for the weekend? and Walden? starts trying to make e-coladas? and they taste like Ricola? and we play Risk? and Stansted? keeps attacking Cidney’s territory? and loses really badly? and is the first out of the game? and Jostlin? tells us that Bedevere? really enjoyed meeting everyone? and thought we were all quite charming? and would like to come back some weekend? and I kinda feel a little twinge of guilt? but then my phone beeps? and there is a voicemail? from my mother? and it sounds like she is on a payphone? at a truck stop? and she says that she is finding her authentic voice? at her writers workshop? and that she forgives me? and that I shouldn’t feel guilty? for sucking all the creativity out of her life? and that is all behind us? and I just can’t? and I meet this guy Sherwood? at RiggerZ? he’s really old? like maybe forty? and he is an entertainment agent? and I never heard of any of his clients? and he has this new project? some kind of performance artist? mime? kinda deal? called Seeley Mildew? or something? who is going to crap on the floor? of some hundred million dollar penthouse? wearing a tutu? and then the video? will go viral? and I could get in on the ground floor? for just $5000? and just then? I get an email from Campbell? that I delete wihtout opening? so I give Sherwood? Campbell’s number? and say he is a big investor? and don’t take no for an answer?