poolso I have this family thing? in the city? on Friday? and on Saturday morning at like 9? the people upstairs? start making all this noise? it’s like they do their own vacuuming? or something sad like that? and then I get the jitney? and Jostlin’s cousin? visits on Saturday? and he’s all like really from England? and wearing a sports jacket? and real shoes and stuff? and he introduces himself to everyone? “Bedevere Stimblehatch. Delighted!” all shaking hands and everything? and we so can’t stop? the whole night at Riggerz? all shaking hands with each other? doing these Downton Abbey voices? all like? “Heliport Simplethwaite. Delighted!” and “Davenport Undergown. Delghted!”  “Carpelstuck Herbivore. Delighted!”  “Mildeydew Runklesore. Delighted!”  “Shambleforth Twirlything. Delighted!”  “Hardleybike Rumblecrank. Delghted!”  and I just can’t? and then it suddenly the music stops? and Brandon is all? “Madison Emptyhead. Delighted!” and Madison dumps a whole pitcher? of e-colada over his head? and he can’t see? and he pokes Walden in the eye? and she bumps into this guy? who turns around? and it’s Campbell? and he’s with Brinette? and she’s like so totally pregnant? and I really just  can’t?