poolso like at 4:50? on Friday? I get a text from Nixxon? that she can’t give me a ride? like she said she would? cos her boss? just got a promotion? and to celebrate? he is flying her whole team? to Southampton? by helicopter? so I have to scramble? and get the stupid jitney? and there is this jerk? in front of me? tying to choose ringtones? for people? for the whole journey? and on Saturday? Nixxon turns up from some all night party? and she has just had a Keratin treatment? on her hair? and is all sorry about the ride? and I am all like you got a Keratin treatment?? you know you can’t go in the water with that? for three days? and she spends the whole day? at the pool? looking like a sulky Jennifer Aniston doll? that someone threw in the trash?  and on Saturday night? we have Jocelynn? lecture us all? on the best way to braise? lamb shoulder? for a dog? and I just can’t? and then on the Sunday? instead of taking the jitney with me? Nixxon takes a ride? from this guy? she met at Mizzen 380? cos he has a convertible? and they get stuck in traffic? on the LIE? and then it starts to pour? and the roof won’t come up? so her Keratin treatment gets destroyed? and she texts me? to vent? and I just ignore it? and post her sulky Jennifer Anniston doll picture?