dogSo like? I’m supposed to get off work early? on Friday? and this witch Ameey? in Positioning Enhancement? calls this 2 o’clock meeting? and I am totally? like seriously? I just can’t? and she is all full of clientside dynamic reintegration? and I just hate her? and her stupid Oberlin face? and I want to vomit? and I don’t get out of there until 5? and I miss my ride with Nixxon? and I have to take the Jitney? and I am so wishing I had decided to go to Montauk? with Jarrtxed? instead? but then I see Brinette? Campbell’s ex? trying to get on the Jitney? and she has 2 huge bags? and I so totally don’t help her? and on Saturday? we grill? but we can’t get the corn done? because this new girl Jocelynn? who seems to be some kind of cousin of Gwendevere’s? has this weird designer pocket dog? that is some kind of Pekinese coyote Alsatian-doodle? or something? and she has the whole stove taken up cos she is cooking seafood risotto? for the stupid dog? and later? we don’t go to Riggers? cos of something Walden? heard from some guy at work? about e-coli? there? so we go to this new place? Mizzen 380? and it is fun until Cidney? gets trashed and starts calling old boyfriends? to break up with them again?