I so like? just can’t? Jarrtxed? (he says the tx is silent?) who I met? at The Zone? during March Madness? and we’ve been kind of like dating? asked me if I wanted in on his summer share in Montauk? and I am all like? that is so far away to go every weekend? and he is all like I thought we were connecting? and it’s only every second weekend? cos it’s a half share? and gets all whiney puppy? and I just can’t? and then Brinette? is hassling me? to pay for the Hamptons Houseshare? cos there is like only one place left? and I am so torn? and conflicted? cos I like Jarrtxed? but I don’t know if I whole-summer? like him? but then my mom? calls me from the airport? and tells me? that even if Jarrtxed’s share was only a quarter share on the Jersey Shore? I should go? and do I think I am getting younger? or what plan do I have for finding a proper boyfriend? and then she has to go cos her flight is leaving? and I say where? and she says writers retreat in Catalonia? and I laugh out loud? and say you’re a writer now? what happened to being a painter?  and she totally hangs up on me?  and then Brinette texts me again? and says Woodrow? has a friend at work? who has no share for the summer? and I need to decide tonight?


Should Our Protagonist spend the summer in :