April 2015

During a recent tidying up we found this manuscript fragment by the late unsung Dublin poet T. S. McGelligott who died in 1908. We believe his work may have circulated in manuscript from among the Symbolists. The Editorial Board of The Definitive Indefinite Article felt it would be appropriate to share this before April is out.

The Waste Ground

By T. S. McElligott

  1. The Burial in the Shed

April is the cruellest mott, breathing

Rothmans all over the gaff, mixing

Smirnoff and Cointreau, dyeing

Brown roots with “Spring Rain.”®

Super Ser kept us warm, covering

Earth in headacheful fog, feeding

A Jack Russell with dried raisins.

Assumpta surprised us, coming over the other Sunday

With a shower of lads; we stopped in the head shop,

And went on in sunlight, into the Brewgarten,

And drank pints, and talked for an hour.

Tá sé mahogany gaspipe feasta gan adhmad man

And when we were youngflas, scutting on the bread vans,

My cousin, he took me out on a Honda 50,

And I was frightened. He said, Maire,

Maire, hold on tight. And down we went.

In Tamangos, there you feel free.

I walk, much of the night, finally get a cab on Dorset Street.

Soaring Ambitions of Col. Trevelyan Makeshift-Hampton

Soaring Ambitions of Col. Trevelyan Makeshift-Hampton

Pardon the hiatus.  Out recent legal tussles with Osbert Harbinger-Bastion, the last survivor of Trevelyan, appear to be settled so we can now proceed.  We can publish the diaries and he gets the action figure and gaming rights.

Day 68

Still snowed in at Camp 4.  The chaps are getting very restless.  We ate the last of the Knightley & Babbage Custard Creams at teatime.  We tried to play a few games of billiards to keep our spirits up which was when I discovered that the Hendley had packed me a nineteen and a half ounce cue instead of my twenty-one and a quarter.  Of course he had to made an example of so we fed him to the dogs.  Can’t allow that sort of slovenliness.  It could easily jeopardize the entire mission.  The dogs are now in excellent spirits though I wonder if we might have made a mistake feeding them at night like that.