gravyDay 57   We arrived at Camp 4 last night after nightfall just as the snow began to intensify.  After a few desultory and necessarily limited rounds of I Spy the chaps fell silent.  There is a howling wind outside which makes it almost impossible to hear the gramophone but at least it drowns out the sounds of Thackering freezing to death outside.  The cad put ice cream in the gravy boat.  We sent him outside with the service revolver to do the honorable thing but so far he refuses to go with dignity.  If he doesn’t freeze soon we shall have to have a bit of a sing song to drown out his whining – it is bad for the other chaps’ morale.  I don’t know how many more letters I shall be able to write to Maisie which greatly pains me.  The native chaps we send on the letter runs seem not to be returning and we will need them to serve at table when we reach the top.