September 2014

It looked like an aye

But turned out to be a nay.

And the Catalans?


Blue knit hat on street
Did not post “found: boy’s knit hat”
Imagine all that again?

so on Saturday? I hear the blender? go downstairs? but it is not happy hour? it is just Madison? and Ashley? making smoothies? for breakfast? so I go to the deck? and Campbell? is standing there? and he is all like sorry looking? holding his ipad? with a picture of me? on it and he goes to the grill? and puts his ipad on it? and he pours lighter fluid? all over it? and lights it? then he looks at me? and walks away? and I am like? just get over yourself? so I text Noam? and get this weird text back? saying I have texted a landline? then Fabiana gets up? and it looks like she came home from Riggers? with meathead from Carneville? and he is all like? my head is bigger than your head? so I am really glad? when Schrödinger? has one of his explosive bowel things? all over his feet? and on Sunday? we have the annual? Labor Day? Riggers v Sizzles? softball game? and day glo micro mini? is the pitcher? and I hit a home run off her? and I am about to text everyone to tell them? when my mom? texts me? and whole bunch of random people? I don’t know to say that my sister? Taft? has just gone into labor? which is like so typical of both of them? and then on Monday? Brinette? tells me? that it was the best summer ever? and I say really? and she points to the sky? and there is this plane? pulling this big banner? that says CONSUMATUM EST? and Cidney? says look? it’s the first words of the Hollister school song?