so this is the weekend? we agreed to let Cidney? host Buchanan’s? mini bachelorette party? and she turns up? with her friends Wilson? and Harding? and they are all wearing Hollister sweatshirts? and Buchanan? introduces me? as a Hollister alum? and I just can’t so I let it slide? and Harding’s boyfriend? An-Drew? With A Hyphen? has come too? and he is all kind of jockey? and challenges me to an arm wrestle? and Hardin? gets all freaked out? and jealous? so I go to the beach with Walden? and McKinley? and we run into cute guy? from Riggers? and Carneville Sandwich Factoria? and he smiles? and is all like I know you Carnevile right? and I am all like yeah? sometimes? and he is all like? I’m so totally over that place? you gotta check out the new Pro Fuel Bodymass Emporium? where the nail place? used to be? and I am all like? sure? and then he has to go? cos his friends? have got a jet ski? and he’s going to body surf? behind it? holding onto the rope? with only his teeth? and do I want to watch? and do I want to bet him $50? he can’t do it? and suddenly? I am not feeling like being at the beach? and go watch people going in and out of the Bulgari store? and drink two? triple skim chai ristretto mocha frappes? and get a really wired brain freeze?