so like I put on my swimsuit? and it is so tight? and I look kinda pregnant? but I’m not? and then it hits me? ten straight days of lunch from Carneville Sandwich Factoria? and I have put on like five pounds? and no sign of cute guy? from Riggers? I mean all those triple chimichanga? focaccia bowls? for nothing? so I literally don’t go to the beach? the whole weekend? and Cidney? brings her cousin? Buchanan? who takes one look at my sweatshirt? and is all like OMG? did you go to Hollister too? there are so many Hollister alumni around? it is just so awesome? I wish I’d gone to Hollister? it looks like such a fun school? and I am like OMG? is she for real? and then Joshua? starts yelling from the yard? and we all run outside? and Joshua is pointing up at the sky? and I look? and there is a big smudge of skywriting? that looks like OOMMMWW ?and then? BRINETTE WAS A TERRIBLE MISTAKE ~ I LOVE YOU ~ CAMPBELL? and Crescent? starts jumping up and down? and shrieking that she is so happy for me? and I am like shaking? and then my Mom calls? cos she is visiting friends? ten minutes away? and says? can you see that?  you should call him? you know you don’t have many options? and I totally hang up on her? and I call the skywriting place? to see how much it would be? to write CAMPBELL DROP DEAD ASSHOLE? but it is way too expensive? so I text him instead? and then delete his number?