So? Cidney? is back with her boyfriend? Jacob? and she brings him out? and he insists everyone has to call him DJ Cub? and then she spends most of the weekend? on the couch with him? breaking up again? and Stephanie takes stop motion video? of them? on her ipad? and spends her whole weekend? putting their breakup to different songs? and it is awsome? and Ashley? runs into this guy? she used to date? on the beach? and he works for The Nation? of The Onion?  or something like that? and every time she talks to him? she does this weird  cheerleaderey? fake oversmile? that is kinda creepy? and he does it too? and they are all OH MY GAWD!  IT’S SOOOO GOOD TO SEEEEEEE YOU!!! and Walden? whispers it’s like they were in a cul?t together? and it so totally looks like that? so we move down the beach? and Riggers? is closed for the whole weekend? for some private party? and Madison? crashes it and get kicked out? and claims it is some kind of Paraguayan? drug cartel? conference? with powerpoint presentations? and is no fun? so we go to Sizzles? but it is a mob scene? and the bouncer? says no Riggers regulars allowed? and I go off on him? and he tries to taser me? but he grabs the chain? on my purse? and tasers himself? by accident? and the cops come? and we are totally outta there? and the cops close Sizzles down? so everyone just stands in the street? criticizing everyone’s clothes? and it is so boring?