So on Saturday? I see this guy? at Riggers? who I recognize? from the lunch line? at the new Carneville Sandwich Factoria? near work? but we have never talked? cos he is usually like a hundred people ahead of me? in line? and but he smiles at me and says Hi? but then out of the blue? Campbell? sexts me saying he and Brinette? wanted to hook up? and I am like? are you kidding me with this shit? and by the time I look up? Carneville guy is gone? so this week? I have to go to lunch? ten minutes early every day? and get on the Carneville line? and then when I get home? Madison? and Cidney? are in the middle of this screaming match? about who hates Summer Roberts from Orange County more? and Crescent? has let the water? out of the pool? and is sitting in it? with some workout guy? she met at Riggers? and he says his name is Thor? and I and like totally hysterical? and then I hear the blender going? but when I go inside? Cidney? is trying to blend Madison’s phone? to bits? so I just go to bed? and when I get home? on Sunday? I realize I left my keys? at the house? and my roommate McKinley? is away until Monday? and the landlord is in Vancouver? so I am totally locked out of my apartment? but I have keys to my mom’s apartment? but she is already back from Spain? and is wasted and crying? cos she hooked up with some Basque racing driver’s girlfriend? and tennis boy got all jealous? and dumped her? and I have to listen to her? all night? and then wake at 2pm? and have take a sick day? and McKinley? doesn’t answer my text until 3? and then tennis boy calls from downstairs? and my mom kicks me out? and I am so exhausted? and it takes me twenty minutes? to refill my metro card?