poolSo Walden’s car? breaks down? and we take the jitney? and the jitney hits an ice cream truck? and it takes seven hours? just to get to the house? and I am so pissed? and just go straight to bed? and Saturday? is all cloudy? so Fillmore? and Ashley? get all of us to do our own version of the Happy? video? and it is so fun? but then my mom starts sending me these pictures? of herself in thongs? and it is like so weird? and then she calls me? and she in Malaga? in a department store? trying on lingerie? and wants something special? cos she and tennisboy? are invited to a swingers party? on some yacht? and I can hear tennis boy in the background? and I am like Mom? this is so inappropriate? and she is all like yeah? well maybe if you and Campbell? had had a little more fun? he wouldn’t have dumped you? and I like totally hang up on her? and then Fillmore? freaks out? screaming? we are all mispronouncing her name? to make her feel excluded? and that it is spelt Ffillmore? so we apologize? and then she wants to make more Happy videos? but we are all done with that? and then she dives into the pool? and stays at the bottom? until we all start to think she might have drowned? and Ashley? pulls her out? and she is purple in the face? and still wants us to make more Happy videos? and we say no? and she jumps into the pool  again? so Ashley? gets her out again? and we agree? and Walden? gets the blender going? and  Ffillmore? keeps us up until 5 am? making more Happy videos? and now the song? is so stuck in my head? I can hardly breathe?