…So on Friday?  Campbell? is like a hour late? picking me up from work? cos he’s “in a meeting”? and then takes this stupid “short cut”? and it’s like 11:30 when we get there? and everyone is already gone out except for Cidney? or Sandy? or whatever her name is? who is on the couch having a phone breakup? with her boyfriend? Again? she’s like from somewhere lame on LAWN GUYLAND? AND TAWKS LOIKE THIS? and the whole house stinks? and I can’t find my blanket? and it’s been in the washing machine since last? week but Evan? never turned it on? and it smells like I don’t know? a subway train? in an outer borough? or something and then on Saturday Fabiana? brings her cousin? who is totally lame? and studies jazz history? at Princeton? or something? and talks about Monsanto? all the time? and Madison? falls asleep? on the deck? and one half of her face? gets all sunburnt? and she has to cover herself? with aftersun? and foundation? so she doesn’t look like deformed face painting? and Cliff? turns up with this huge grill? and smashes the old one? with his tennis racket? and he and Brinette? start assembling it? but give up half way? and go to Riggers? and we don’t see them again til Sunday afternoon? and there’s like this weird vibe? going on between them? and he’s like wearing her flip flops?…. #hamptonshousesharehell