Thanks to the unprecedented success of our weekend fundraiser we were able to engage media consultants MGHB&F who recommend making #hamptonshousesharehell a synergistic weekly feature in association with The Definitive Indefinite Article and to reposition it on Mondays:

…so I’m in the supermarket? and this totally gross little man comes up to me? and asks me where the tuna? is and I’m all like do I look? like I work here? seriously? and on Saturday? after we come back from Riggers? Stephanie? decides to go skinny dipping? in the pool? but the cover is so totally on? and this new guy? Ashland? who went to like some state school? somewhere in Jersey? and has a sixteenth of a half-share with Fabiana? drags her out? and one of her barrettes? sticks in his eye? and he has to go to the ER? and Evan? tries to put my air conditioner in the window? and drops it into the yard? and it smashes? all over this stupid windmill staue? that will come out of my deposit? and then he throws up all over my bed? and I spend the night in the hammock? and I am like so covered in like bug bites? like the worst ever? and Stephanie? says I coulda slept in her bed? cos she went to a party? with Ashland after the ER? and there are toast crumbs? and bits of pizza? like seriously? pizza? in my mayo? in the morning? and… #hamptonshousesharehell