Now that the shitkicker fundraiser has been such a success we are in a position to puruse the hamptons House Share hell series so in the interests of archival integrity here is the first episode as it appeared on Pheizbuch

…and last weekend? Stephanie? when it was raining? was out on the deck? like playing beer pong? with these two guys Cliff knows from Dartmouth? and it’s only like noon? and one of them is kinda cute? and totally wasted? but the other one? is totally Jersey Shore? and this whiny witch Meadow with the weird thighs who works at citibank? who has all the same weekends I do? who totally saw my flip-flops? on the porch? and left them out in the rain? oh my god? I left my phone charger? in Alexa’s car? on the way home? I am so totally bringing my air conditioner this weeked?… #hamptonshousesharehell