As they say in the worlds of merchandising and TV rights negotiations: It’s the Bountiful Game!

Is your sporting event becoming tainted by crass commercialization, widespread cynicism about how host nations are decided, TV rights negotiated etc etc?  Have no fear!  All you need is an innocent-looking forgettable cartoonish mascot to be the mirror to the smoke of the corporate PR.. 

Please move towards the side exit!

Please move towards the side exit!

Anyone remember Wenlock and Mandeville?   Naranjito?  Ciao?  Kaz, Ato and Nik? Of course not!  And so the World Cup in Brazil 2014 has come up with another masterful mascot of merchandising:  Fuleco! 

The name is apparently “a fusion of the words ‘futebol’ and ‘ecologia.’” Curious that it is also an anagram for Fuel Co.  How one calculates the ecological effect of the manufacture, sale and subsequent discarding of all the cheap tat emblazoned with the mascot is presumably a very arcane branch of statistical analysis in dire need of corporate funding.

This too is notable: “The three-month public voting campaign, supported by FIFA Partner Coca-Cola, proved to be popular as the Brazilian public came out in force to cast their votes. More than 48 per cent voted for Fuleco™, ahead of Zuzeco (31 per cent) and Amijubi (21 per cent), making it the unanimous winner.” 

Cartoon lizard-like thingy brought to you for fun and profit by enormous business concerns.  Enjoy!