In order to justify the use of this Blogspace, The Definitive Indefinite Article is enjoined from time to time to produce something of redeeming social value.  We have argued that Bloomsday Twiterature fulfills this need but have been told that it is a “nasty, dirty book.” So here is the first in a potential series of Public Service Announcements on the theme of Romney becoming President would be like….

Romney becoming president would be like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Redux where Verruca Salts gets the goose that lays the golden egg and  the everlasting gobstopper, partners with the real  Slugworth to do a hostile takeover of the factory, deports Willy Wonka (clearly a foreigner) and all the Oompa  Loompas and then asset-strips the factory before moving the whole operation overseas and selling off the building, fixtures and fittings to some predatory venture capitalists and Charlie ends up selling a kidney for food which teaches him the value of self-reliance.

Small Investors thank Hedge Fund Runners