The Loyal Reader: Hello?  Anyone home?

[sound of Powers Gold Label bottle being hastily concealed offscreen]

The Definitive Indefinite Article: You again?  What is it?  What is it?  I’m busy trying to flog some of this jubilee tat I imported.  Sunhats!  Sunhats!

The Loyal Reader: Coulda warned you that wasn’t going to work.  Anyway was just making plans and was wondering if you will be doing the aul twiterature for Bloomsday.  It was really picking up speed last year.

TDIA: I will I will.  It’s not like I’m being invited to read Oxen of the Sun at the White House or anything!

The Loyal Reader: Ah right.  Well I don’t think anyone is being invited to the White House to read so I wouldn’t worry about that.  So will it be on twitter too?

TDIA: It will.  Yer man Holohan will be blasting it to round webs imagined corners and beyond.

The Loyal Reader: Ah grand so.  I’d suggest making a gratuitous reference to a spandex bikini or somesuch to drive web traffic but it’s entirely up to you.  I’d better go.  I have a days off form I have to submit. [ALT + TAB. EXIT]