Busy graphs help rattle punters

Announcing Blather ® It’s like twitter but more comprehensive, like facebook but less busy.  Blather® unlike other social media will not constrain your outpourings nor will it foist apps or features on you.  Blather® has a per-posting character limit of 1,238,474 characters.    Blather® is where those with a lot to say can say it.   Blather® is where there are no moments of did-I-really-just post-that? remorse because no one will read it.  Blather ® is where people go to read and re-read their own posts.  Sign up for your free account now.

Brainchild of Anakin Gorostiza, former Senior Investment Strategist at Jai Alai 3Card Monty LLC, and Sebastiao Kirchner, former Solutions Architect at  Bourse Bigote de Barcelona, Blather® is a platform-agnostic  content-catholic, holistically 360-oriented Wall-Street-front-facing  eyeball-delivering anti-social media tool.  Its initial IPO (this Friday, so sign up for that free account fast) is valued at approximately 83 billion$*. 

$* Consolidated Equivalency Valuation Index Units, pegged to the Treblikistan Eddu expressed as base 3 hexadecimal.