We work for you!

The Hooker Streetcorner Bill currently before the US Congress would radically reform how political campaigns are financed.  John Hooker (R) and Harriet Streetcorner (D) co-sponsored this bill in the hope it would “bring transparency and accountability to how our elections work and for whom they work.”

The bill would

  •        Ensure that each campaign contributor be acknowledged on the representative’s attire in a manner proportional to their monetary backing of that representative
  •        Apportion one day a year each to the hundred (100) largest aggregate contributors to the houses of congress when they may fly their corporate flag over the houses of congress.  These days shall be known and Johns’ Days.


“We hope that this bill will demonstrate to the American People ® that transparency is our top priority.  Now you will not just be able to read a politician’s lips you will be able to read his or her clothes and know exactly whose best interests are being represented.” added Representative Hooker.