After an all night session the Pugnacious Arts Section of FIFA (Floundering In Football Administration) released the following statement exclusively to The Definitive Indefinite Article:

In previous World Cups we have waited until the end of the tournament to award the Psychotic Bastard Skinhead Award but we feel that this year the Ivory Coast selection in today’s game against Brazil produced a display of vicious kicking and career-ending tackles that we unlikely to see again in this tournament.  In light of this display of unbridled and unthinking violence we feel that we can safely say the Psychotic Skinhead Award for 2010 has found an indisputable winner.  Nothing shot of two teams taking to the field with 4×2’s could rival this.

Said a veteran observer of Glasgow Celtic vs. Rangers games:

Usually when a team starts kicking the shit out of another there is some tactical reason for it, this was so devoid of any tactical motive as to border on post modern art.  The more they fouled, the less time they had to try to get a goal back.  It was almost as much pure art as the collective self immolation by sulking of the French team.