BeePee's Past Success Story

CEO of BeePee Moxy Potline says that they have had the solution to the problem for months but have kept it under wraps while they focus grouped a sexy name for it. 

We decided that we needed something with the market presence of “Top Kill” so we held off until we had something really impactful.  That’s not to say that our attempts thus far to fix the leak have been just for show – they just look that way.

Starcluster Getaway will involve relocating the entire population of the planet to nearby Sigma Centauri 5.  We belive that the system can support life.  Well, it can certainly support as much life as the Mexican Gulf.  The first ships will begin leaving from Stoke-on-Trent as early as 2016.  In the meantime we implore everyone to be patient and keep their chins up, especially when swimming.

Shares in BeePee rose sharply and then exploded into fairy dust following the announcement.