The Perplexed Reader: Have you seen this?

TDIA:  Can’t you see I’m buttering my toast?

The Perplexed Reader: Do you do anything on this blog any more?

TDIA:  I’ve been busy.

The Perplexed Reader: I can see that.  Busy buying slippers online.

TDIA:  It’s so hard to choose.  I have to get them home first to decide.

The Perplexed Reader: Have you seen this?

TDIA:  What?

The Perplexed Reader: The oil spill!  Deepshit Horizon.  They said is was 5,000 barrels a day but now it appears it is more like 70,000 barrels a day.

TDIA:  That’s terrifying.

The Perplexed Reader: You think that’s terrifying?  Try this.  I saw it in The Guardian on your doorstep.

Tony Hayward, the beleaguered chief executive of oil giant BP, has claimed the company’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is “relatively tiny” compared with the “very big ocean”.


TDIA:  I’ve never really understood relativity.

The Perplexed Reader: Neither does he.  And dispersing an oil slick just makes it look like it’s gone away, it drives it into the water.  Like the Gulf of Mexico needs more dead zones.  What they did is like driving into Death Valley with no spare tire hoping not to get a flat.  If you are going to drill a mile down in the ocean, you need to have a plan for the worst case not just plan on the best case scenario. The worst case was everything fails and now they are all scratching their balls going “Well, this worked at 300 feet funny how it’s not working a mile deep.”  And now they’r edoing the “it’s a very big ocean” thing.  Is this a Simpson’s Episode?

TDIA:  You should write a letter to someone or other.  Do you think these would be better without the tassel?