When the suits were all sitting around the room naming this hole in the ocean floor, did no one have a shudder of hubris or remembrance of any science fiction movie they have ever seen? Really people, could you possibly name something “Deepwater Horizon” and not have a feeling that it had disaster written all over it? Did no one get an eerie mind’s eye image of Bruce Willis in a leaky submarine trying to stop an underwater oil geyser with a camping knife and some sage advice from the recently sobered-up Sean Connery up top. Really? Did no one in the room say: “Can we name this thing so it DOESN’T sound like a summer blockbuster disaster filck?”
When you are doing something so ill-advised that you need to cloak it in futuristic naming and branding you need to think twice.
“Hey Tommy! What are you doing with peering into that firework filled beer bottle? Isn’t that dangerous”
“It’s not a firework-filled beer bottle, it’s the Eye of Horus Visionary Portal.”