April 2010

Now called CHARTIS

Could this Chartis (formerly AIG) building really be the largest tax-funded grow house in the world?  Is that what all the glass is for?  Is the greenery visible on the right of this photo real?  Is this what they smoke before they issue statements to the press?   Is this what they were smoking when they came up with “Chartis?”  Is weed cultivation a more socially-responsible use of tax dollars that the reinsurance business?  Does a series of rhetorical questions assert anything?


Devotees of The Definitive Indefinite Article will both be relived to know that the hostile takeovers that so recently threatened us have been rebuffed.  All thanks to Vatican Theatrical Costumers, a little-known subsidiary acquired some time ago by one of our Trustees in a Baccarat game.  For some reason over the last few days two kits have been flying off the shelves: the “It Could Happen to a Bishop” Ecclesiastical Action Costume; and our “Pirate of the High Seas with free Eye Pad” adventure disguise.  Thanks to this unanticipated inflow of revenue we are now afloat again.