Corporate Quiz

Many of our readers will be familiar with the recent US Supreme Court Decision allowing corporations to pour unlimited monies into political campaigns…

The Insistent Reader: Now why would they say such a thing?

TDIA: Because legally corporations are persons and the argument goes that limiting their ability to buy off politicians violates their constitutional rights.

The Insistent Reader: People are they?

TDIA: Yes, in a way

The Insistent Reader: Are there gay corporations?

TDIA: What?

The Insistent Reader: Are there gay corporations like there are gay people?

TDIA: I don’t know.

The Insistent Reader: So there could be.  In so far as no one has ever proved conclusively that corporations are NOT gay.

TDIA: I suppose so.

The Insistent Reader: So for all we know all these mergers going on could be between gay corporations.

TDIA: If you want to think of it that way.

The Insistent Reader: I do!  I do!  [Getting excited.  Sees job at Washington Post in his future]  So corporations, technically, being people who may or may not be gay, have been merging for years.  All this gay marriage has been going on under our noses all this time?  This is huge!  This could put me on the Think Thank gravy train.  This could….

TDIA: Close the gate behind you on your way out.