As the New Year’s rush to grab content for digital reading devices like kindles and nooks and L&N Books’ newly reconfigured MeBuke continues unabated The Definitive Indefinite Article is delighted to announce that it has acquired Erse Holes 4 Everyone, Inc and has launched Twitríocht.
The Cantankerous Reader: And what good, tell me, will that do for the world?
TDIA: It will provide our subscriberverse (C) snippets of Irish literature in Gaelic an allow our readers to decide what works they would like to download for their digital reading devices.

The Cantankerous Reader: Would you ever get yourself a real job at all?  [Stomps through scullery.  Sound of back door slamming]

TDIA:  Now that he’s safely ensconced in the shed smoking and sulking we can get on with the lauch of Twitríocht (R)

Is Mise Raifteirí an file,
Lán dúchais is grádh,
Le súile gan solas,
Le ciúnas gan crá.
Ag dul síar ar m’aistear
Le solas mo chroí
Fann agu

From Is Mise Raifteirí