The Definitive Indefinite Article is grieved to note the massive layoffs that have occurred in Irish politics.

The Observant Reader: What the fuck are you talking about?  You just posted the video of Deputy Paul Gogarty shouting “Fuck you!” at Deputy Emmet Stagg in the Oireachtas.  Just have a look at it.  What has that to do with layoffs?  You’re missing the point.  I now apologise for my use of improper language but really you are missing the fucking point completely.  Look at the video!

TDIA: Right I see what you are talking about but you see?  There at 0:38?  There are like 5 people left in government.  You can’t run even a small country with 5 people.  It would take more people than that to run a country into the ground.  It took a couple of hundred of the best and the brightest to do that in the first place.

The Observant Reader: Point taken.