We are delighted to announce that we have a new friend.

The Skeptical Reader:  Is this like a real person?

TDIA: No, we found her on the internet.

The Skeptical Reader: I see.  And you call this a life?

TDIA: No. I don’t think I ever called it a life.

The Skeptical Reader: Fair point.  So, who is this new friend of yours?

TDIA: http://onfailingupwards.blogspot.com/

The Skeptical Reader:  And what’s that all about?

TDIA: Idiots and morons who succeed because of their stupidty.  We shall be adding it to our blogroll.  

The Skeptical Reader:  And those are the kind of people you want for imaginary friends then?

TDIA: Is that your Lexus that they are towing from outside my house?

The Skeptical Reader: Bastard!