The Omnivorous Reader: I was reading  this morning that Treblikistan is building a huge statue of the Buddah.

The Definitive Indefinite Article: [Startled] How did you get in here?

The Omnivorous Reader: You left the side gate open.  Anyways I was telling you about Treblikistan and the Buddah.

TDIA: You were.  And where did you read such a thing?

The Omnivorous Reader: I can’t remember.  It just popped out of the interweb while I was playing poker and shopping for a cast iron wok. 

TDIA: And why would they be doing such a thing? [Sotto voce]  Why do I even ask these questions?

The Omnivorous Reader: I think they were going to cover it with miniskirts and spandex bikinis and then blow it up.

TDIA: Is that so?  This is fascinating.  Are you sure you can’t remember where you found this?

The Omnivorous Reader: I think it might have been here:

TDIA:  I see.  You remain a valueless source of information.

The Omnivorous Reader: You mean invaluable, don’t you?

TDIA: Lock the side gate on your way out.