October 2009


Dublin is the real winner of the maul to host the 2016 Olympics by not even preparing a bid.  All estimates in Euro.

Item Savings
Powerpoint consultants for bid 380,000 €
Hair and Makeup for bid team 15,000 €
Transport to Copenhagen 25,000 €
Presentation video 18,000 €
Preliminary mascot designs 487,879,955,623 €
Bid logo design 1,500,265 €
Stadium Design 1,788,945,625 €
Olympic Village Buiding 2,157,879,456 €
Olympic Village Repurpose Planning 5,458,549 €
Eventual Olympic Village Demolition 4,549,816 €
Police Overtime 4,554,788,554 €
Loss of GDP through absenteeism 45,487,887 €
Accounting fees 45,458,825 €
Special Accounting fees
(Attempting to show profit to host city)
11,885,656 €
Total Savings 496,496,348,256 €

Healthcare for sale?The Appalled Reader:  You can’t be serious!


The Acceptable Face of Right –Wing Mania:  Well, not entirely.  You can’t indiscriminately feed people to the rich.  You would need some kind of safety testing first.  Maybe something like an organic rating.  But that’s not the real point.  We want to hector you and let you know how important it is that people continue to get sick and go into backruptcy because they can’t pay their medical bills.


The Appalled Reader:  Who let you in here?  Where’s the owner?


The Acceptable Face of Right –Wing Mania:  Let’s not get mired in who broke into whose blog or who hit whom with a sock of marbles and tied them up in the basement.  This is about patriotism.  This about God-fearing people defending their country from the onslaught of socialistic anarcho-syndicalism disguised as providing healthcare.  


The Appalled Reader: Socialistic anarcho-syndicalism? You know that’s meaningless.


The Acceptable Face of Right –Wing Mania:  Of course it seems meaningless to you. You’re part of the Meaning-based Community. You think about elitist dictionary meanings of words.  Real patriots like us know in our hearts what words mean.  If this country interferes with the sickness industry we will be one step closer to a socialistic anarcho-syndicalist crypto Darwinian nightmare.  How can drug companies be expected to survive off the profits they make?  They can barely make ends meet.  They have to put up with government interference: big Fed funding all the drug research and development, compliant regulators constantly looking for jobs.  You have no idea how hard it is for a heartless corporation to make an honest buck today.  Who can blame them if they have to resort to misinformation, scaremongering and propaganda.  What wouldn’t you do to save your shareholders and the value of your stock options.  Will someone please think of the stock options!?!  You don’t understand how close we are to drive-thru abortion clinics!  More euthanasia death rays in space!  Mandatory homosexuality camps!  Bleeding heart liberals clicking links like this


wanting poor people to be able to see a doctor when God has already decided that they should die in pain and penury.  Trying to interfere with the inalienable right to exploit your weaker fellow man for fun and profit.  Accusing the undustry of manipulating the debate in stories like this  http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/oct/01/lobbyists-millions-obama-healthcare-reform

Partisan ideaologically motivated fabrication…

[Sound of basement door opening]

 The Definitive Indefinite Article:  Get out of my house you hateful shitbag!