Many of you, well the dozen or so of you who were here when we launched the erstwhile Indefinite Article (if you want to read about the ugliness with The Indefinite Particle you can click here), will remember our fantastically famous and successful Olympic Training Regimen.

The Inquisitive Reader: What are you offering this time?  More lessons on how to smoke cigarettes? 

TDIA: No, no, no.  This time we will going into partnership with  The Instituto De Mascotas Jorobadas in Cadiz to help players prepare for the trauma of photo ops with out-of-work actors wearing stifling leopard suits.

The Inquisitive Reader: That’s it?

TDIA: Well, that and how to put up with the continuous noise of annoying plastic horns.

The Inquisitive Reader: I see.  And how do you propose to do this?

TDIA: Intensive  Patrick’s Day festival exposure in Dublin next year.

The Inquisitive Reader: And the trumpets?

TDIA: Have you ever been to Dublin for Patrick’s Day?

The Inquisitive Reader: I have not.

TDIA: I rest my case.