August 2009

Hearty grains from hard-hearted Capitalists?  Social Darwinism, the healthy option?  Survival of the fittest prescribed by reactionary CEOs?  If you still have any money left to buy things with you can choose where to spend it. 

You can read what Whole Foods CEO Mackey wrote trashing President Obama’s healthcare proposals (particularly children’s healthcare):

Some people have started to boycott them.

Some people wouldn’t be got dead in one of their stores cos they are anti-union and some people don’t give a toss.  It’s a funny old world where you can care more about where your avocado came from and how it was treated than the people  who grew, picked, packed or shelved it.


No more reader-generated content here!  I’m back a only few days from months of mind-numbing koans and meditations and cognac drinking in pursuit of enlightenment and I find that after subtly removing AIG from this building as I had previously observed

Now called CHARTIS
Now called CHARTIS

they have even more subtly renamed themselves CHARTIS.  At least it’s subtle on the outside where it’s diecreetly etched onto the revolving doors.  On the inside of the lobby big banners announce to employees and visitiors the new branding of CHARTIS.

The Earnest Reader:  Sorry we missed that.

TDIA: Yeah well.  It’ll be a while before I let any of you in here on your own to write anything.

The Earnest Reader:  We’ll make it up to you.  [Pause]What did you say they were called again?

TDIA: Chartis.

The Earnest Reader: Doesn’t really stick with you, does it?  Kind of forgettable.

TDIA: Precisely.

The Earnest Reader: Weird.  [Puzzled pensive pause]And what do you call that cigarette company?  Altruism?

TDIA: You mean Altria that used to be Phillip Morris?

The Earnest Reader: Yep, that’s the one!  Funny how they picked such a forgettable name too.

TDIA:  Just click on the link  and stop being so obtuse!

The Earnest Reader: [Mouse click.  Pause]  Ahhh, now I get it!

That’s it?  I’ve been gone since the middle of May and this is all you lot have to show for yourselves?  Twiterature?  I gave you Hedgeer Hemlien and Bigote of Barcelona and you only got one post out of it?  ipuke?  That’s all you could manage while I was away?  


I know you’re all hiding in here somewhere!

The Casual Reader: [Emerging from the conservatory] Uhm, I have to be on my way.  I promised me mother I’d pick her up from the racetrack.

TDIA: Well you were no use at all while I was gone.  And since when do we have a conservatory?

The Casual Reader: Uhm, it used to the the greenhosue but we rebranded.

TDIA: How fabulous!  Where are the rest of them?

The Casual Reader:  Well the Apostate Reader got a sumer job in a cannery in Finland to get money for a Canon Lawyer to get his excommunication going again, The Earnest Reader is in Myrtle Beach with three Cuban ballerinas in spandex bikinis and a duffel bag with $80,ooo in 20’s, and The Concerned Reader is hiding in the basement hoping you will let him live there for a while until he can figure out how to get out of the country without his wife finding him.

TDIA:  He can stay down there.  

The Casual Reader:  So the whole monk thing…?

TDIA:  Not really right for someone as deeply superficial as I.