July 2009

Dateline: Marseille 2009-07-23-16:34

Unpaid TDIA Correspondent: I am sitting here typing extra loud over the sound of helicopters attempting to put out the wildfires around Marseille started by the French Foreign Legion having shelling practice in tinder-dry scrubland.  Sources close to the Mnistry of Defence have said that this incident has caused them to suspend their blindfold tank training on the Rue de Rivoli scheduled for next Tuesday.



Apparently Dublin taxis have added wi-fi


This will allow unlimited browsing of the interweb and probably draw to a close an era of conversations such as this:

Punter: Sandymount DART Station please.

Taxista: Game ball.

Punter: Busy?

Taxista: Fair to middling, know what I mean?  It’s all these bleeding plates they gev out.  There’s just too many taxis on the road now.  I was up in the kesh at the airport yesterday for two hours and then got a fare to Santry.  I mean, what’s the point.

Punter: True for you.

Taxista: Mate of mine was at the Writers’ Museum last Tuesday week and picked up this baldy fellah.  got chattin to him.  You know who it was?  General Franco’s grandson.  Would you credit that?

Punter: That’s something all right.

Taxista: Ironic is what I would say.  You know what I mean?  What with them after putting Garcia Lorca in a ditch and all. 

Punter: Right.

Taxista: I was reading only the other day that the Franco family were descended from Cathars.  Did you know that?  Interesting thing about Cathars is…….

Punter: You can let me out here, I’ll walk the rest of the way.

Taxista: But it’s raining hydrochloric acid and we’re eight miles from Sandymount.

Punter: No bother, I have me anorak.  Bye.