The Earnest Reader: Our Bloomsday reading yesterday provoked a flurry of activity from within the Academic “Community”.  We had not thought dearth had undone so many.  We are therefore delighted to announce the birth of Twiterary Cwiticism.  (Note to public we have already claimed the term Twiterary Theory too.) We have reprinted some of the submissions below.  Needless to say they are limited to 140 characters. 

 The Concerned Reader: Now there is an idea I can really get behind: literary criticism mangled down to 140 characters!

 It was the erstwhile Earl of Rochester who, upon reading Canto VII of Il Purgatorio, remarked to his drinking companions: “A pox on the very

 From Vico, Dante, The Story Untelling by  Rudmose Boaterhat-Pubcrawl, D Litt, Asumpta College Cambridge


How can the non Thomist in posse become the harbinger of anti historicity while clinging to the Hegelian precepts gained in years of earnest

 From Joyce and Post Modern Neo-Post-Structuralism, the Postquailist Tendencies by Prof Vicente Caligliari, International Joyce Summer School, Brindisi, Italy


When I was a boy old Ma Joyce once caught me robbing the milk bottles off their doorstep.  Drumdondra Road in those days was a place of many

 From I Knew Yr Aul Wan, A Memoir of My Acquaintance With James Joyce by Francis Xavier Pendergast, poet, veterinarian and critic.