The Earnest Reader: I am afraid I have some bad news to share about our proprietor

The Concerned Reader: He’s not…

The Earnest Reader: No.  As you know he recently disappeared up a mountain in Donegal to become a monk of some sort.

The Concerned Reader: That was somewhat surprising but not entirely shocking.

The Earnest Reader: Well, it gets worse.  He has shaved his head.

The Concerned Reader: [Gasp of horror]  But those tresses!  Nonetheless, hardly tragic.

The Earnest Reader: And has taken to writing poetry.

The Concerned Reader: Oh dear.

The Earnest Reader: And sending it to us demanding it be posted.

The Concerned Reader: Oh dear oh dear.  Is there a lot of it?

The Earnest Reader: Thankfully at the moment his monkishness is taking the form of simplicity and bareness so his output is sparse and minimalist.

The Concerned Reader: There is at least that to be thankful for.

The Earnest Reader: There is

The Concerned Reader: Are you going to publish it?

 The Earnest Reader: I suppose so.  Those of you of a refined aesthetic sensibility are cautioned to stop reading now  [Reads reluctantly]

i have given away my nothing

so my hands may now applaud

their own renewed emptiness

The Concerned Reader: Jaysus!  do you think he’s handed this blog over to his spiritual guide?

The Earnest Reader: I don’t know.