aig2The Definitive Indefinite Article is proud to announce a special offer to its readers.  We have for sale three large silver letters: an “A” an “I” and a “G” that up to recently adorned this building.  These beautiful examples of 1990’s branding will provide a wonderful conversation piece in any home.  Bidding will open at 12 noon.

The Interested Reader: Can I pre-bid?

TDIA: You can not.

The Interested Reader: Too bad.   Mind you that reminds me of a story my father once told me.  There was a fellah on the Titanic, a steerage passenger by the name of Michael McGettigan.  Convinced that protestant shipbuilders in Belfast had cursed the Titanic, he leaned over the side ith a can of paint while the ship was sinking and painted over “TITANIC” and renamed it “VATICAN” in the hope that it would stop the flow of water. 

TDIA: That is a fascinating anecdote and I am sure our readership are grateful to you.  If you will excuse me I must now motivate our interns with the promise of spandex bikinis and have them ready for the bidding war for these wonderful letters.